Home services


Home assistance is no problem with Internursing; here are the main phases of the service provided by our spitex private home-help service:
ï Online phone consultancy: the initial contact with our organization is managed in a professional way; a carefully conducted interview permits understanding and orienting the client's needs.

Assessment of requirements: the Health Manager makes an in-depth assessment of the case, with an assistance proposal based on the medical prescription and on the needs of the client and his/her family; this assessment also helps determine the degree of assistance covered by mandatory basic insurance.

Selection of the assistant. On the basis of the assessment and the client's needs, the professional figure is selected, from among the numerous and skilled Internursing collaborators (Qualified nurse, healthcare assistant, nursing assistant, CRS healthcare worker) best suited to take on and manage the job

Assistance management: all administrative formalities are dealt with regarding basic sickness spitex services; the relative cost-bearing guarantee provides utmost transparency as regards assistance cost responsibilities. All the other administrative formalities relating to staff are managed directly by the organization, without any cost for the client. Internursing ensures and guarantees that all shifts are covered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Revaluation of needs: assistance procedures are constantly monitored by the appointed nurse with supervision of Health Management; periodical revaluation permits promptly adapting to actual client requirements. Internursing takes all steps needed with respect to the health insurance as regards any changes to the cost-bearing guarantee.