Home services


Home assistance can take on many forms and dimensions; it sometimes occurs that a client wishes to be able to count on one or more fixed persons for assistance or for the management of their home, perhaps combining them with the spitex services provided by Internursing. The hiring of a person who works in the home is in any case a delicate matter and the selection of such person can take time.
For some years now, Internursing has been providing an efficient selection and placement service for nursing and domestic staff (home-helps, nannies, housekeepers etc.)
Particularly appreciated is the care worker placement and management service, qualified and certified, which guarantees continuous presence in the client's home.
The same strict selection rules applied for our own staff are used to select the personnel to be placed. The client is therefore sure of meeting candidates who correspond to requirements, irreproachable in terms of reliability and professionalism and perfectly in order from a legal viewpoint.
Internursing also provides its clients with advice for dealing with administrative formalities tied to employment (work contracts, social security and insurance contributions, etc.), and ensures, free of charge any replacement of the worker during the first three months of employment, in accordance with placement conditions. It is also able to provide management of administrative and insurance aspects regarding the hired person, for the entire period of employment.