Home services


Internursing conceives home care according to the principle of the holistic approach for the binomial "user-caregiver", to provide support and help, both to individuals and their families.
By "holistic care" is meant a global healthcare method for the individual, considered in the oneness of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Attention is extended to the caregiver in order to create and ensure a harmonic situation of well-being which is constant over time.
In the event of health problems, help is also provided to the family doctor who can thus favour his/her patient remaining at home.
Of crucial importance is sharing and actively cooperating with the doctor who receives from the nurses periodical reports on the general conditions of the user and on treatment results: the regular and constant exchange of information enables the user to always be at the centre of attention with treatments updated to real or emerging requirements.
After the first assessment of needs, assistance is constantly monitored and adapted according to the user's needs. In particular, a fixed assistance team is set up with a nurse of reference, who ensures expertise and continuity.
Internursing currently has three professional teams:
ï general healthcare team: provides treatment to the elderly, the sick, people who have suffered accidents, with disabilities or convalescents.
ï psychiatric team: provides treatment to persons with psychiatric problems;
the psychiatric nurse in charge of treatment must adequately cater to particular and specific assistance needs, providing assistance of great complexity in close collaboration with the team and network services involved.
ï palliative healthcare team: provides treatment for the terminally ill; the patient and his/her family are able to better enjoy the fullness of affective relations and all the normality of their own home environment. The palliative healthcare team provides the user with dignified accompaniment. cooperates actively with the doctor and/or networks with local associations (Hospice, Associazione Triangolo, etc.).